Jericho Road Ministry

Contact: Kathy Henry (937) 275-8571 ~ Shirley Gaskins (937) 271-5479 ~ Carolyn Woodley (937) 287-1393 ~ Geneva Hinton (937) 238-2991


Our VISION is to equip and restore all people through Christ by prayer and words of encouragement and service. We want to show those incarcerated in jail the joy and love of Christ, as well as, to humble ourselves and be unselfish like Christ. Phil. 2:3-4

Our INTEGRITY consist of witnessing to those who are lost, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We will redirect and restore their self worth in Christ's image, as well as, to understand the mission of Christ and sharing the Gospel. Colossians 3:12

Our STRUCTURE consist of utilizing resources needed to address the physical and spiritual needs of those living in jail, prison and those living in residential facilities in the community. Matthew 25:40

Our ACCOUNTABILITY is providing toiletries and undergarments for the ladies. We collect donations for these items every three months. Colossians 3:23-24

Sharing and Caring

Contact:  Cheryl Miller  (937) 277-8427

Meeting:  We serve every Saturday 10:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

VISION:  In obedience to Jesus' Word, "to feed and care for His sheep," the Sharing and Caring ministry vision is to continue feeding those in need, physically and spiritually.  To provide bag lunches every Saturday to meet the physical need and share His word to meet the spiritual.  To ultimately become the best ministry in the area serving those in need.  John 21:15-17 & Deut. 28:8

INTEGRITY:  Pray to seek God's direction at all times.  Roman 15:5-6  Distribute nutritional lunches to feed His sheep physically and His Word to feed them spiritually, so that they may live more abundantly and seek our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Proverbs 12:11

STRUCTURE: Pray as a team before serving those in need. Provide nutritional lunches. Use or God given gifts as we reach out to  meet the needs of others and glorify God. 1Peter 4:10. Be a unified ministry, supporting one another. Philippians 2:3

ACCOUNTABILITY:   Be obedient to Jesus' command to feed His sheep.  Serve lunches every Saturday in love to those in need, unless determined otherwise. Mark 12:31. Work collaboratively with other ministries to become the best at serving God's people while building His kingdom. 

380 South Broadway Street

Dayton, Ohio 45402